Features and functions

The Payroc API is a feature-rich, RESTful payments API that includes everything you need to power up your payments. Whether you simply want to take card payments or you want to set up as a payments facilitator, the Payroc API is your one-stop payments solution. Integrate with the Payroc API to create your customized payments solution, including:
  • Boarding - Set up and manage funding accounts for merchants.
  • Payment processing - Run payments with cards, bank payments, or tokens.
  • Funding - Operate as a payment facilitator for your merchants.

Helpful features

To simplify your integration journey, our API includes the following features:
  • Implementation guides - Use our step-by-step instructions to integrate with our API.
  • Pagination - Separate large responses into discrete chunks to reduce load on your server.
  • Metadata - Send supplementary information in your requests to be consumed by your third-party systems.
  • HATEOAS - Use HATEOAS links to conveniently run follow-on actions.

Getting started

Our API is a RESTful API that uses resource-based URLs, form-encoded requests, and returns JSON responses. The base URL is https://api.payroc.com/. We apply an agile versioning strategy to our API. This means that when we update our API, we maintain backward compatibility for as long as possible. We increment the API version only when changes break backward compatibility. To ensure the security and stability of your integration, make sure that you consider the following functional requirements at each stage of your integration journey.
  • Authentication - We use bearer tokens to authenticate requests that you send to our gateway.
  • Error handling - We follow RFC-7808 standards for our errors.
  • Idempotency - We use idempotency to make sure every request is unique.
  • Testing - We have a series of test cases and a test environment that you can use to simulate real-world scenarios.

Key functions of the API

You can perform the following functions with our API.


Section Method Description
Owners Retrieve owner Retrieve an owner of an account.
Update owner Update an owner of an account.
Delete owner Delete an owner of an account.
Pricing intents List pricing intents Retrieve a list of pricing intents.
Create pricing intent Create a new pricing intent.
Retrieve pricing intent Retrieve a pricing intent.
Update pricing intent Update a pricing intent.
Partially update pricing intent Partially update an existing pricing intent.
Delete pricing intent Delete a pricing intent.


Section Method Description
Funding accounts List funding accounts Retrieve a list of all funding accounts associated with the ISV.
Retrieve funding account Retrieve a specific funding account.
Update funding account Update a funding account.
Delete funding account Delete a funding account.
Funding activity Retrieve funding balance Retrieve the balance of funds that are available for each merchant.
List funding activity Retrieve funding activity for a specific date range.
Funding instructions Create funding instruction Create funding instructions to tell us how to divide funds between your funding recipients.
List funding instructions Retrieve a list of funding instructions for a specific date range.
Retrieve funding instruction Retrieve a specific funding instruction.
Update funding instruction Update an existing funding instruction.
Delete funding instruction Delete an existing funding instruction.
Funding recipient Create funding recipient Create a funding recipient.
List funding recipients Retrieve a list of all funding recipients associated with the ISV.
Retrieve a funding recipient Retrieve a specific funding recipient.
Update funding recipient Update a funding recipient.
Delete funding recipient Delete a funding recipient. This includes funding accounts and owners linked to the funding recipient.
List funding accounts Retrieve all funding accounts associated with the funding recipient.
Create funding accounts Create a new funding account and add it to the funding recipient.
List owner Retrieve all owners associated with the funding recipient.
Create owner Create a new owner and add it to the funding recipient.


Section Method Description
Bank accounts Verify a bank account Verify the customer's bank account details.
Bank transfer payments Bank transfer payments Run a sale with a customer's bank account details.
List payments Retrieve a list of payments.
Retrieve payment Retrieve a specific payment.
Reverse payment Void a payment.
Refund payment Refund a payment.
Re-present payment Re-present a customer's bank account details if the first payment was declined.
Bank transfer refunds Create refund Send a refund to a customer's bank account. The refund transaction is not linked to the previous transaction.
List refunds Return a list of refund transactions.
Retrieve refund Return a list of refund transactions.
Reverse refund Void a refund transaction.
Cards Verify a card Verify that a card is valid.
Balance inquiry Request the balance of an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card.
Lookup BIN information Perform a BIN (Bank Identification Number) lookup to retrieve information about a card.
Currency conversion Fx rates inquiry Check if a customer’s card is eligible for Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC). If the card is eligible for DCC, offer currency conversion to the customer during a transaction.
Payment plans Create payment plan Create a new payment plan.
List payment plans Retrieve a list of payment plans.
Retrieve payment plan Retrieve a specific payment plan.
Update payment plan Make changes to an existing payment plan.
Delete payment plan Delete an existing payment plan.
Payments Create payment Run a sale or pre-authorization. You can also:
– Save the customer's payment details.
– Set up recurring billing.
– Process the transaction offline.
List payments Return a list of payments.
Retrieve payments Retrieve an existing payment.
Adjust payment Adjust a transaction.
Capture payment Capture an existing payment.
Reverse payment Reverse a payment.
Refund payment Refund a payment.
Refunds Create refund Create an unreferenced refund.
List refunds Return a list of refunds.
Retrieve refund Retrieve a specific refund.
Adjust refund Adjust an existing refund.
Reverse refund Void an existing refund.
Secure tokens Create secure token Save the customer's payment details to use in future transactions.
List secure tokens Return a list of secure tokens that are currently saved on the terminal.
Retrieve secure token Return a secure token and its related payment details.
Update secure token Update the customer's payment details that are represented by the secure token.
Delete secure token Delete a secure token and its represented payment details.
Single use tokens Create single use token Create a single use token. .
Subscriptions Create subscription Create a new subscription.
List subscriptions List subscriptions linked to a terminal.
Retrieve subscription Retrieve a specific subscription.
Update subscription Make changes to a subscription.
Deactivate subscription Deactivate a subscription.
Re-activate subscription Re-activate an existing subscription.
Pay manual subscription Process payment for a manual subscription.


Section Method Description
Settlement List batches Retrieve batch data for a specific date.
Retrieve batch Retrieve a specific batch.
List transactions Retrieve a list of transactions.
Retrieve transaction Retrieve a specific transaction.
List authorizations Retrieve a list of authorizations.
Retrieve authorization Retrieve a specific authorization.
List disputes Retrieve a list of disputes.
List dispute statuses Retrieve the status history for a specific dispute.