Getting started

The Payroc API is a RESTful API that includes the following properties:


To help you use our API, we include the following features: Pagination: For responses that contain many results, we provide pagination to help you navigate the results and increase the performance of your integration. Metadata: Use metadata to add custom data to your API entities. HATEOAS: Our responses include HATEOAS links that you can use to run follow-on actions on resources. Idempotency: We use idempotency keys to prevent duplicate PATCH and POST requests from causing unwanted issues.

Base URL

The base URL of the Payroc API is

Before you begin

Before you begin, make sure that you have contacted our Sales Team to set up your account, and that you have received your API key.
If you haven't set up your account, contact our Sales Team.

Integration key tasks

To integrate with our API, you need to write code to complete the following key tasks:
  • Generate Bearer tokens.
  • Create requests.
  • Handle responses and errors.
  • Test your integration.
To start integrating with our API, read one of our Integration Guides.